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Departmental Fire and Rescue Services Card (SDIS)

In order to provide optimum security for the SDIS and their firefighters, IN Groupe has developed a solution specifically for them. The SDIS card features the 2D-Doc system, which provides direct access to each cardholder's specific information.

Client needs

For responding or practicing firefighters and for administrative and technical staff to:

  • Prove their professional identity
  • Address vulnerability of premises
  • Ensure a rapid response
  • Help secure access to the information system
  • Secure confidential data
  • Have an RGS/eIDAS qualified signature certificate

IN Groupe's response

A secure, multi-service professional identity card that uses:

  • The Pass'IN solution, which manages the life cycle of the cards and ensures the security of physical (buildings) and logical (information system) accesses
  • A 2D-DOC secure QR code (technology recognised by the Ministry of the Interior) for authenticating the cardholder and checking their status in the database

Client benefits

Identities of firefighters guaranteed:

  • Firefighters are authenticated as actual members of a fire and rescue service

Efficiency and easy access

Secure access to tools and applications of the Public Safety Service and the Ministry of the Interior:

  • Implementation and use of contactless functions, such as access to secure premises


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