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The growth in global travel activity and continuously rising traveler numbers raise the potential risks of illegal activities, such as identity theft, visa fraud, or terrorism. Effective border control is imperative to strengthen national security.

IN Groupe's solutions offer an array of solutions for each point of contact in a traveler's journey. In addition to fortifying the national borders, our solutions facilitate seamless mobility to international travelers with functionalities such as screening automation.


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Border Control
Passenger Journey

Guarantee the security of your country’s borders while optimizing passenger traffic-utilizing border control solutions for both front-end passenger interfaces and back-end systems managed by the authorities.

Facilitating border crossings without compromising security is becoming an inescapable imperative for governments. Meanwhile, travelers are demanding a simplified travel experience from their homes to their destinations. Discover streamlined and secure identity management solutions to optimize the flow of travelers.

Transport companies and ministries are often faced with regulatory challenges and need complete solutions that cover the entire tachograph card management chain. Discover solutions for tachograph cards, ADR certificates, and more.