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For Businesses

Issue & manage secure professional identities 

IN Groupe has developed a range of solutions for companies, government departments, and local authorities for secure employee identification, authentication, and rights management. Our solutions enable organizations to unify physical and logical access security using one professional card making it easy and straightforward for both administrators and employees to manage. 

Secure identification

Manage the identification and rights management of your employees with the many professional identities products.

Physical and digital products

A variety of physical and digital products to ensure secure identities. 


IN Groupe offers a complete infrastructure of integrated services for lifecycle management. 

Physical & Digital Credentials
Identity Issuance & Management Systems
Identity Storage & Verification
IoT & Smart Technology

IN Groupe enables organizations to issue, manage, and verify professional identities, documents, and credentials using the latest technology that adheres to the highest security standards. Whether creating identities to meet the requirements of individual companies or streamlining professional identities for national and international organizations, IN Groupe has a solution to meet your needs.  

IN Groupe offers a multi-service professional card solution that combines physical and digital credentials. Organizations can choose between an ID card, a strong authentication card with the contact interface chip, or a dual contact and contactless strong authentication card for access control management. 

IN Groupe provides organizations with an integrated solution that includes a customer portal, a Credential Management System (CMS) for identity and application management, secure visual design, data preparation, and personalization, as well as management of the card's or Mobile Wallet's life cycle.

IN Groupe delivers powerful trust technologies designed to reduce the risk of identity fraud. The technologies improve end-user privacy and control over personal identity information. 

In addition to individual (or personnel) identities, IN Groupe supports the issuance and management of trusted identities for the Internet of Things.The solution allows organizations to enable end-to-end security for IoT applications or use digital identifiers to trace objects.


We defend your right to be You!

IN Groupe is a global leader and specialist for identity and trust solutions. With nearly 500 years of experience, we offer state-of-the-art identity solutions and secure digital services that integrate electronic, optical, and biometric technologies to the French government.

IN Groupe, along with its affiliated brands, provides comprehensive solutions that address all identity challenges faced by public and private enterprises to guarantee that everyone can benefit from digital transformation in a simple and secure manner. 

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The Right to Be You

IN Groupe helps people, organizations, and governments to secure their identities through physical and digital solutions.

IN Groupe worldwide

IN Groupe is a worldwide company with offices in Africa, Asia, North America, and South America which enables close customer support. 

Specialist in identities

IN Groupe develop innovative solutions, physical and digital, for governments, organizations, and citizens to assert their respective sovereignties.

Handling data security

IN Groupe is a leading specialist in identity and secure exchanges while also handling data security for global companies.