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Solutions for Governments & businesses

Leading in digital identity and trust solutions

The world is changing and the importance and requirements on Identities is rising. Digital identities are becoming the foundation of our rapidly evolving world. Identity management and security is more important than ever. That´s where IN Groupe can help. 

Citizen identities and credentials

IN Groupe's solutions enable governments to assert their country’s sovereignty and ensure the security of their citizens' identity data.

Professional identities and credentials

IN Groupe offers a lot of different solutions to manage professional identities and credentials for companies and governments.

Travel & mobility

Protect citizens' right to free movement with identity solutions for border control, motorists, transport companies, and more.

Integrated document services

IN Groupe offers digital document services including credential verification, digitization, printing confidential documents and distribution.

Secure components

IN Groupe offers secure components for a safer world.

Secure Financial Ecosystem

IN Groupe offers security solutions that guarantee confidence in every transaction conducted by financial institutions, merchants, and citizens.


We defend your right to be You!

IN Groupe is a global leader and specialist for identity and trust solutions. With nearly 500 years of experience, we offer state-of-the-art identity solutions and secure digital services that integrate electronic, optical, and biometric technologies to the French government.

IN Groupe, along with its affiliated brands, provides comprehensive solutions that address all identity challenges faced by public and private enterprises to guarantee that everyone can benefit from digital transformation in a simple and secure manner.

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The Right to Be You  

IN Groups helps people, organizations, and governments to secure their identities through physical and digital solutions.

IN Groupe worldwide

IN Groupe is a worldwide company with offices in Africa, Asia, North America, and South America which enables close customer support. 

Leading specialist in identities

IN Groupe develop innovative solutions, physical and digital, for governments, organizations, and citizens to assert their respective sovereignties.

Handling data security for global companies

IN Groupe is a leading specialist in identity and secure exchanges while also handling data security for global companies.