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The Group brands

The boundaries between physical and digital worlds are shrinking every day, giving rise to new applications and needs that rely on the identities and rights of citizens, and even objects. Protecting these identities requires the creation of trustworthy, sovereign solutions that facilitate the adoption of new services and contribute to everyone being able to live freely.

For IN Groupe, supporting the transformation of these applications, while guaranteeing the security of these identities, requires bringing together the best technical and technological expertise for each area of activity. With four brands that are leaders in their respective markets, the Group has all the expertise, skills and technologies associated with digital identity, secure documents, blockchain, border control, biometrics, optical security, electronic components, contactless technologies, professional identities, identity of objects, design, etc.

Passage aux frontières par une gate

IN Groupe

As a leading European player working for the general interest, IN Groupe is a trusted partner in the transformation of applications based on the identity of citizens, professionals and objects.

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In response to the constant evolution in cards and passports, combined with applications that integrate electronics and biometrics, IN Groupe is supported by its SPS brand.

SPS creates value for customers through its electronic packaging which contributes to the development of new applications, integrating contactless technology and biometrics. SPS' electronic components can be integrated into any type of medium to secure and facilitate transactions.

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With every new technology offering the possibility of new applications come new types of fraud. To stay one step ahead of these threats, IN Groupe relies on the Surys brand to provide high-technicity optical components that meet the highest standards in the world in terms of innovation and design.

Surys turns each component into a scientific challenge aimed at pushing back the limits of technology and defining new security standards for fighting fraud and facilitating authentication capabilities.

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Digitalisation is a key driver for business development, with identity as a cornerstone. To support these transformations, IN Groupe relies on the Nexus brand to secure the identity of people and objects and ensure that organisations remain resilient, whatever the context.

Nexus contributes to the controlled and secure development of companies within the digital world by integrating reliable identity solutions for people and objects.

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Gleitsmann Security Inks

Gleitsmann Security Inks develops and produces security inks for central banks and their printing plants. The experts consult closely to create innovative, state-of-the-art solutions which incorporate all the latest technical possibilities. Security inks made by Gleitsmann play a unique role in many different areas of application: Banknotes, Security documents,  Tax-stamps. Interested in finding out more about our work? We would be delighted to send you our company brochure.

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Keesing Technologies

Keesing Technologies is a global leader in ID document and identity verification solutions, trusted by organizations worldwide to combat fraud. Our cutting-edge AuthentiScan uses face biometrics for secure ID verification from anywhere, supporting both remote and on-premises use. Backed by DocumentChecker, the world's most comprehensive ID document reference database, our solutions ensure accurate verification with detailed information from over 200 countries and issuing authorities.

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