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For gOVERNMENTS AND Businesses

Secure Components for a safer world

SPS and SURYS the Secure Components brands of IN Groupe, provide governments, central banks and businesses all around the world with the highest security expertise.

The unique combination of our expertise in optical and electronic components offers unparalleled synergies for a proper added value. Indeed, we have the adequate agility to meet the evolving needs of our partners and customers, anticipating the new future challenges.

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Innovative Solutions


We provide innovative solutions to help you, beyond confidence, to protect your identity documents, payment solutions and banknotes as well as vehicles registration and safeguard them during their whole lifecycle.

Our renowned know-how has placed us as the premium partner of governments, central banks and businesses all around the world.

With decades of experience, our teams are fully committed to pursue an innovation strategy in order to meet your vision by responding to your increasing requirements for security and quality. Our ambition is to provide the best solutions to design the future of security thanks to the latest-cutting-edge technologies.

We are looking forward to embarking through this journey with you!

for central banks & Printers

Robust and and eye-catching security 

The use of cash plays a crucial role in the functioning of an economy, it represents the favorite payment means of the global population. It is legal tender guaranteeing freedom, social inclusion and independence of its users.

It is also for Central Banks the first means to fight counterfeiting and enable the economic development thanks to a strong currency.

In order to be one-step ahead of counterfeiters, the issuing authorities shall incorporate state-of-the art security features to safeguard the currency and the economy, while enabling the general public, retailers and professional cash handlers to easily authenticate banknotes.

Therefore, we are the ideal partner to team up with you in the upgrade and protection of your banknotes!

Our longstanding expertise in optical and digital technologies enables us to provide you with a wide range of innovative security features, suitable on paper and polymer and hybrid banknotes.

We are dedicated to bringing you eye-catching components that are easily recognizable and very challenging to counterfeit within tailor-made designs highlighting your country’s landmarks.

If you are looking to raise the awareness about banknotes by delivering highly secure, appealing, custom-made and long-lasting, we are your first choice partner to achieve your stakes.

We are looking forward to embarking through this innovation journey with you!

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for Businesses and Banks

Innovative and responsive solutions

Technological advancements and the evolvement of the payment industry are dramatically revolutionizing payment methods and customers' behaviors. The latest payment cards have gone through deep changes integrating technologies and designs to embrace customers’ new preferences.

To boost your competitiveness in a fast-paced market, it is therefore essential to adjust to new customers' expectations who are looking for more than a payment device. The payment means represents their status, their financial stability, their ecological responsibility while enhancing their security.

We are the trusted partner of card manufacturers, integrators, banks and of their end users, providing them with efficient, robust, innovative and sustainable components to achieve the best payment experience. We are the only one patented on inductive coupling technologies, with the most fair-cost-benefit rates and compatible with all types of cards and compliant with all EMV chip & OS systems. Our technologies are ready to get certification with the highest reliability on the market

With decades of experience, our R&D teams have been crucial in designing the most innovative, trusted and longstanding technologies.

We empower banks to enhance and develop their payment solutions, to minimize their risks, while retaining and acquiring new customers, thanks to a wide portfolio of customization opportunities, putting your payment card at the top of the wallet. This results in the best use experience for each customer.

We are looking forward to team up with you!

for States and Businesses

Integrated technology for unparalleled security

In an increasingly interconnected world of instant communications, permeable borders and globalization have placed identity protection as a key challenge.

Protecting the identity of each citizen is vital, enhancing their sense of belonging, guaranteeing their rights, their social inclusion, while optimizing the efficiency of governance and the functioning of a society.

Governments and issuing authorities are the guardians of secure identity documents, which are meeting the most advanced standards of protection against counterfeiting, forgery, theft or any other fraud attempt.

We have been accompanying states, ministries, governments and other authorities throughout the world thanks to different generations of optical, digital and electronic components safeguarding documents but also the protection of personal data, for paper and plastic substrates.

Beyond this, we provide the states, ministries of interior, embassies and consulates, to benefit from a unique secure printing solution to serve their citizens all around the world.

We are engaged to deliver state of the art solutions to secure all of your identity documents.

For over 30 years, we have been committed alongside states and governments all over the world, to support them remaining at the forefront of secured ID and travel documents they are delivering to their citizens.

As a leader on the market, we add a unique value and security to every single issued document by providing technologies that are easy to authenticate and hard to counterfeit.

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for Businesses

Providing secure vehicles identification solutions

The global vehicle industry is facing a full transition, vehicles purchase is growing and customer's habits are evolving, with more digitalized processes and transactions.

Therefore, the vehicle market is under various threats, among them, theft and trafficking of vehicles and spare parts are prominent. These activities harm personal property, businesses, the economy and public safety. This causes financial losses for car manufacturers, administrations and promotes organized criminal activities.

In order to enable governments to regain their economic surge, it is crucial not to underestimate vehicles registration.

To leverage a proven solution and regain control of vehicles registration, we provide you with a full state-of-the-art solution, easy to authenticate and difficult to counterfeit, allowing a secure identification of vehicles.

We have the capability to design tailor-made solutions, from the graphic design to the final physical application, producing customized solutions for plates, windshields and even protect related documents as driving licences, car plates, grey cards and car registration cards.

Security is on the move, but we are willing to help you control it!

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We defend your right to be You!

IN Groupe is a global leader and specialist for identity and trust solutions. With nearly 500 years of experience, we offer state-of-the-art identity solutions and secure digital services that integrate electronic, optical, and biometric technologies to the French government.

IN Groupe, along with its affiliated brands, provides comprehensive solutions that address all identity challenges faced by public and private enterprises to guarantee that everyone can benefit from digital transformation in a simple and secure manner. 

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The Right to Be You

IN Groupe helps people, organizations, and governments to secure their identities through physical and digital solutions.

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IN Groupe is a worldwide company with offices in Africa, Asia, North America, and South America which enables close customer support. 

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IN Groupe develop innovative solutions, physical and digital, for governments, organizations, and citizens to assert their respective sovereignties.

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IN Groupe is a leading specialist in identity and secure exchanges while also handling data security for global companies.