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For governments

Protect the right to mobility

Citizens are constantly on the move. Whether traveling by land, air, or sea for leisure or work, travelers expect an easier and more efficient experience. At the same time, governments are challenged with ensuring freedom of movement is safe and smooth.

IN Groupe develops a wide range of identity and verification solutions supporting border control, motorists, transport companies, and more.

Enhance border security

Improve border control for secure entry into and exit from the coutry

Promote secure mobility

Design, produce, and issue trusted credentials and licenses

Advanced technological solutions

Solutions based on the latest technology to optimize overall processes and create seamless user experiences

Complete identity management

Issue and manage the lifecycle of identities for citizens, travels, and credentials

Border Control
Passenger Journey
Smart Technology

Guarantee the security of your country’s borders while optimizing passenger traffic-utilizing border control solutions for both front-end passenger interfaces and back-end systems managed by the authorities.

Facilitating border crossings without compromising security is becoming an inescapable imperative for governments. Meanwhile, travelers are demanding a simplified travel experience from their homes to their destinations. Discover streamlined and secure identity management solutions to optimize the flow of travelers.

Authorities and drivers are faced with challenges when trying to meet mobility requirements. IN Groupe develops solutions to support effective, fast, and secure issuing and management of mobility documents for individuals and vehicles.

Transport companies and ministries are often faced with regulatory challenges and need complete solutions that cover the entire tachograph card management chain. Discover solutions for tachograph cards, ADR certificates, and more.

Technology plays a major role in the development of mobility services. Whether tracking objects and documents or securing communication between things, IN Groupe has advanced, complete solutions to solve the upcoming challenges within travel and mobility.


We defend your right to be You!

IN Groupe is a global leader and specialist for identity and trust solutions. With nearly 500 years of experience, we offer state-of-the-art identity solutions and secure digital services that integrate electronic, optical, and biometric technologies to the French government.

IN Groupe, along with its affiliated brands, provides comprehensive solutions that address all identity challenges faced by public and private enterprises to guarantee that everyone can benefit from digital transformation in a simple and secure manner. 

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The Right to Be You

IN Groupe helps people, organizations, and governments to secure their identities through physical and digital solutions.

IN Groupe worldwide

IN Groupe is a worldwide company with offices in Africa, Asia, North America, and South America which enables close customer support. 

Specialist in identities

IN Groupe develop innovative solutions, physical and digital, for governments, organizations, and citizens to assert their respective sovereignties.

Handling data security

IN Groupe is a leading specialist in identity and secure exchanges while also handling data security for global companies.