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M-ROAD Project

As part of the Principality’s digital transformation program – Extended Monaco – the Princely Government, through the Interministerial Delegation overseeing the digital transition, has launched a number of major projects (Sovereign Cloud, 5G, Digital College, e-Health, Security Token Offering, etc.). IN Groupe was tasked with defining, developing, implementing and deploying a comprehensive, integrated ID system (physical and digital).

The customer need

  • A bespoke digital platform to digitize Monegasque administration
  • Issue state-of-the art identity documents
  • Centralize data while keeping them secure
  • Simplify online procedures while protecting data
  • Facilitate the digitization of everyday life and fight fraud

IN Groupe's answer

Every Monaco citizen and resident can have a digital identity associated to their new ID card. This digital identity makes authentication both easier and highly secure, with no additional proof of identity needed to access the different procedures that citizens may want to initiate with State or private partner services. The solution offered by IN Groupe includes in particular:

  • Credentials Management System

This solution allows the full management of the physical and digital identities’ lifecycle, from enrolment to post-issuance.

  • Physical credentials

Identity documents at the state-of-the-art as per the Princely Government’s wish, embedding a colour photo associated with a black and white photo, and a new generation holographic device.

  • MConnect Mobile application

Available on Android and iOS, to use one’s digital identity easily and securely.

  • Digital Identity System

IN Groupe’s digital identity solution supports the secure management of citizens and residents’ mobile identities on their smartphone.

  • MConnect platform

The certificates associated to the card allow everyone to access public or private services in the Principality, after a strong authentication on MConnect.


  • Privacy

In compliance with Monegasque law relative to data protection.

  • Open technological standards (OSIA and Open ID Connect)

Easy and quick integration of the digital identity with current and future services.

  • Interoperability

In accordance with the Principality of Monaco’s general security data-base and European regulations (eIDAS).


Monaco is launching its Digital Identity and is thus joining the top 5 most advanced countries in this field, following the examples of Singapor or Estonia. In the post-crisis world, Digital Identity is an essential infrastructure for Monaco’s sovereignty and appeal. Our ambition is to equip all Mongasques and residents, with at least two thirds of them by the end of 2022

Frédéric GENTA, Interministerial Delegate responsible for Monaco’s Digital Transition.


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