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A System for Issuing Laissez-Passer

After consulting with various specialist companies, the client selected IN Groupe to provide a laissez-passer issuing system as well as blank documents for their employees. The competitiveness and quality of IN Groupe's offer were the determining factors.

Client needs

Regulatory documents:

  • Provide laissez-passer to company employees in compliance with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) regulations
  • Develop a centralised enrolment and personalisation system

IN Groupe's response

Solutions implemented:

  • Developing the employee laissez-passer system, including a mobile biometric verification system

  • Rolling out the solution and providing the system's specifications as well as the software and database installation procedures

  • Training employees to manage the solution

  • Supplying documentation and start-up assistance

Client benefits

  • Ability to issue laissez-passer
  • Autonomy
  • Multi-year maintenance contract
A System for Issuing Laissez-Passer


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