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visuel clarciev 2024

IN Groupe, at the forefront of digital identity innovation in Latin America

Once again this year, IN Groupe will be present at the CLARCIEV event, which takes place from 3 to 5 July in São Paulo, Brazil. This is another opportunity for us to affirm our commitment to Latin America and the Caribbean. We invite you to visit us at booth 11 at XXI CLARCIEV.

Having recently been awarded "Best Travel Document 2024" for Peru's Electronic Residence Permit by High Security Printing Latin America, IN Groupe is keen to reinforce its commitment to developing solutions that enable governments to assert their countries' sovereignty and ensure the security of their citizens' identity data. We are determined to pursue our projects in Latin America.


A must-attend event for digital identity players

This event brings together the main stakeholders, key decision-makers and experts in the sector to debate and discuss the latest advances and the major challenges in identity security, particularly in the provision and use of digital identity.

Guaranteeing the security and protection of citizens' data is a major issue for governments today. IN Groupe, a world leader in physical and digital identity and security components, is providing its expertise, experience and cutting-edge solutions at this meeting in Brazil.



IN GROUPE takes part in the event as a Silver Partner

This is an exceptional opportunity for IN GROUPE to highlight its expertise in the field of digital identity and to strengthen its presence on the South American continent.


How IN GROUPE is revolutionising public digital identity ? 

IN Groupe's goal is to see public digital identity as a means to create value for users, national administrations and businesses through a comprehensive, scalable, citizen-centric ecosystem.

From the technical and functional aspects of the solutions already in place with thirty government agencies around the world, the use cases presented at these South American meetings are diverse :

  • Totally secure access to government services to improve and speed up all administrative processes
  • Digital mobility to simplify information checks and justify your right to drive
  • Digital health to streamline exchanges and improve healthcare pathways
  • Speed up and streamline border crossing with computerised travel document


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