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According to the European Commission, freight transport is predicted to increase by 50% by 2050. However, the reliance on paper-based information exchange poses a significant obstacle for businesses, transport operators, and public authorities such as decarbonization, high costs, and reduced efficiency.  

Join us for an upcoming webinar to explore the latest solutions and strategies for optimizing freight transport in the digital age. Discover how digitization and upcoming regulations can unlock opportunities to accelerate decarbonization, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance service levels in the industry.  

Our expert speakers will share insights into: 

  • Digitization best practices for the freight transport sector 
  • Actions for public authorities and transport operators to drive data exchange interoperability and facilitate multi-modal transport 
  • The impact of upcoming regulations, such as eFTI and UVAR, on multi-modal transportation 
  • Strategies for authorities to comply with the eFTI regulation, which will be implemented by July 2024, and decrease the administrative burden 
  • How digitalization can build trust through verifying documents, data, and rights 


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Our industry experts 

Jacques VELOT
Jacques Velot

VP Transport & Mobility, Digital Services, IN Groupe

Frederic LAPORTE
Frederic Laporte

Platforms & Ecosystems Director, IN Groupe


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