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Employee interview - Florine Ferry 

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Can you describe yourself in a few words? 

My name is Florine and I'm 23 years old. I graduated as a scientific A-levels, and then I went on to pursue my studies in chemistry at the IUT in Rennes, where I graduated with a BTEC Higher National Diploma (DUT in France) in 2020. I wanted to broaden my horizons, so I opted for a new direction in marketing by joining the ISC Paris Grande Ecole program, where I recently completed a Master's degree with an apprenticeship 

What is your current job at IN Groupe ?  

I'm presently Junior Product Manager at IN Groupe. My desire has always been to combine technical and marketing aspects, which is why I chose this job, perfectly in line with my aspirations. 

What were your main tasks as a part-time student in apprenticeship? 

As part of my missions as Product Marketing Manager apprentice, my main tasks were to carry out technological and competitive intelligence, and to create and update communication tools such as pitches and brochures. The aim of these tools was to support the sales team and help governments launch their new titles.  On a day-to-day basis, I also provided support to the product managers in their missions, which gave me the initial experience I needed for my current position.  

Why did you choose IN Groupe for your first work experience?  

For the apprenticeship, I chose IN Groupe because I liked the business sector; I found it appealing to be in a branch that is little known to the general public and in which people have no idea of the work involved in releasing our products. The decision was also based on the kindness I felt, a company where my shortcomings seemed to be seen as learning opportunities rather than weaknesses. For my first permanent employment contract, I chose to stay with IN Groupe for the same reasons, but this time I had the necessary hindsight to see that my feelings about choosing IN Groupe for my apprenticeship were the right ones. I also have to say that the good work climate, the diversity of the tasks and the team I'm part of made me want to stay and continue my experience at IN Groupe.   

What are the three most important skills you learned during your time here as an apprentice ?

It takes time to fully understand your market, to define your scope of activity and to apprehend the environment in which you're operating, especially when it comes to technical skills. Investing this time is very important, crucial.  

Open-mindedness, which I closely link to curiosity, is particularly important during this apprenticeship. This period offers a unique opportunity to learn under real working conditions. Above all, you need to be involved in your assignments, remain active and make the most of this period to raise all the necessary questions and explore one or even several professions.  

Rigor is an essential quality, as sandwich courses impose an intense rhythm where balancing student and professional life becomes the norm. The ability to stick to a strict discipline is therefore a major asset for success in this demanding environment.  

Why would you recommend to someone applying for a apprenticehsip program at IN Groupe? > If you had to recommend IN Groupe as an employer for apprentices, what would you stress as the highlights? 

I would recommend applying to IN Groupe, for the same reasons that guided my own decision to join the group: the caring, positive working culture, and above all, a growing business that combines new technologies with the group's core activity: printing. At IN Groupe, I found an environment where the atmosphere is one of professional fulfillment, and where management is dedicated to constant progress.  

What do you like about IN Groupe, beyond the missions entrusted to you?  

What I like about IN Groupe goes far wider than the assignments I'm given. First of all, I'm delighted with the corporate culture. The friendly, positive atmosphere I've experienced creates an environment that's ideal for owns professional fulfillment. Also, the variety of projects and products is another attractive aspect. Every day brings new challenges, helping to enrich my expertise and keep me interested. The opportunity to move around the production sites is a great bonus. This enables me to gain an extensive engineering/technical understanding of the product manufacturing process, which reinforces my expert knowledge. Finally, the multi-disciplinary nature of the Group, such as the opportunity to visit other Group facilities, represents an opportunity on both a professional and personal level. This diversity of experience contributes to my global learning and growth in several areas.   

How would you describe the working conditions within the company? In particular, the support given to interns and apprentices?  

When I arrived, we were a group of 4 apprenticess, which encouraged us to share our problems more openly. This cooperation was invaluable in overcoming the challenges associated with the sometimes hectic pace, the difficulties we encountered during the classes and the questions that might arise. (Personally,) I was lucky enough to work in a positive working atmosphere, benefiting from outstanding support from my peers and managers throughout my two-year apprenticeship period. What also distinguishes the IN Groupe experience is the presence of former apprentices who have stuck with the company. Being one myself, I can understand the challenges that new ones can encounter. It creates a natural and spontaneous mutual help, where we, the former ones, are there to help newcomers feel at ease and express their worries, doubts and difficult moments. It's an unofficial support network that helps create an environment where everyone can share the ups and downs of their journey, promoting a sense of belonging and collective evolution. 

Can you share a fun or memorable anecdote from your time as an intern with IN Groupe?  

It's quite a striking coincidence, but the continuity between my ancient manager when I was an apprentice, my current manager and myself, all three of whom joined IN Groupe through internships, creates a unique momentum. It's an interesting aspect of our career paths, and a testimony to the value the company places on internal development. 

What tips would you give to future interns or work-study students joining IN Groupe?  

The anticipation of starting something new can be quite frightening, but staying interested, curious and proactive can really make a difference.  

Make the most of this valuable experience, because time flies.