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IN Groupe announces the acquisition of Nexus to strengthen its position at the heart of the identity value chain In Europe

IN Groupe (formerly Imprimerie Nationale), a world specialist in identity and secure digital services, entered into a share purchase agreement, as of February 2020, to acquire Nexus the European leader in enabling trusted digital identities for people and things. The completion of the transaction is subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to close in the course of the first quarter of 2020.

Nexus provides secure solutions that make it easy to issue, manage and make valuable use of trusted identities for both people and things. The company specialises in software that empowers a smooth, automated and governed solution to manage the full lifecycle of both physical and digital identities for both people and objects. These solutions include a powerful Public Key Infrastructure (PKI platform), Card Management System (CMS), mobile and desktop-based identity apps (middleware) and a digital access gateway.

With the acquisition of Nexus, IN Groupe is accelerating its growth and confirms its strategic ambition: to be a leading player in identity and secure digital services globally. The integration of these new digital identity solutions will enable the group to provide clients in France, Europe and globally a consolidated portfolio of differentiated offers, based on cutting edge technologies. The combined set of technologies will ensure that IN Groupe’s services for governments and corporate customers are more secure, more robust and more competitive than ever.

IN Groupe continues its transformation as a European-based, global identity leader dedicated to the transition from physical to digital identity

For 10 years, IN Groupe has demonstrated its unique ability to transform its business in keeping with the digital evolution of the identity sector. Today, the acquisition of Nexus represents a new stage in consolidating IN Groupe’s technological capabilities after the acquisition of SURYS in December 2019.The acquisition of Nexus gives IN Groupe, a state operator for identity, the ability to lead the transition from physical to digital identity in the European regulatory environment (e.g. e-idas, GDPR).Furthermore, IN Groupe expands its activities into the field of IoT and the identification of objects on the internet – such as connected cars. Nexus is known for being the world leader when it comes to certificate-based identity services enabling the future of autonomous cars and V2X (vehicle to everything).IN Groupe will give Nexus access to its world class capability to integrate global legal and digital identity systems. It will also introduce new opportunities with respect to an international complementary customer portfolio.

Didier Trutt, Chairman and CEO of IN Groupe says:
"Two months after the integration of Surys, the acquisition of Nexus completes IN Groupe’s offer on secure identity in France, Europe and globally. It also gives us, as a public operator, the capacity to master critical technologies at a European level in order to lead the transition from physical to digital identity."

"Today is a very big day for Nexus" Magnus Malmström, Nexus Managing Director, said: "We share IN Groupe’s belief in the power of enabling trusted identities for large enterprises and the public sector. Together, we will be stronger, and we will support our customers even more with secure digital transformation."