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IN Groupe and CEA work together, using their respective research programs to prepare the digital identity technologies of the future

CEA office

Faced with increasing levels of electronic documents and the inherent need to protect personal data and corporate integrity, IN Groupe and the CEA are officially launching their research partnership on the digital identity technologies of the future.


Core topics:

  • Decentralised identities and interoperable blockchains as part of ongoing European brainstorming focusing on digital identity,
  • Detecting fake images (deepfake, antispoofing) when checking identity at border crossings,
  • RAE (Risk Analysis Management) to analyse risks at border crossings.


As a cornerstone of the economy and digital exchanges, digital identities must be supported by standalone, flexible and unfailing solutions. The opportunities offered by new technologies, such as blockchains or analysis engines, have not yet been fully harnessed, however, even now, they are helping to boost a wide range of data processes.

Digital identity technologies must allow States and governments to benefit from guaranteed security and high confidence levels. These technologies are combined with an ever-growing range of usages and increasing use of various personal data attributes.

As a historical partner of States in the design of secure identity documents and solutions, IN Groupe pushes current technologies ever further to achieve the best possible balance between security and convenience. The number one priority of IN Groupe, is to use the CEA's research results to co-innovate and subsequently apply these innovations in its business segments, i.e. digital identities and border control. Its expertise in the key technologies governing this sector and the driving force of the CEA within powerful innovation ecosystems will be invested to achieve our shared aims.


"By planning ahead for and preparing breakthrough technologies relating to identity management, we will be able to protect the identity of French citizens, both today and tomorrow. This is a core requirement under the daily remit assigned to IN Groupe by the State. I am glad that this partnership, which benefits from the excellence of the CEA, will be able to contribute to the future of identity management in Europe."

Didier Trutt, CEO of IN Groupe


"Digital transformations bring new opportunities while requiring more frequent electronic exchanges, which means that re-establishing trust in identity management is now vital. We are pleased to contribute to the innovative solutions of the future while working hand-in-hand with the historical specialist in this field, aiming to protect privacy, prevent identity theft and guarantee compliance with the latest anti-fraud standards."

Stéphane Siebert, Technology Research Director at CEA



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