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FIDO announces that IN Groupe has been certified FIDO-2 for its DeTechID solution


IN Groupe's Biometrics Competence Centre has just obtained FIDO-2 certification for its DeTechID solution. With a false acceptance rate of 0%, IN Groupe's solution, evaluated by an independent FIDO-accredited laboratory, largely exceeds the constraints imposed by the global standard, expecting results of less than 7%.


DeTechID, the optimal biometric authentication solution

DeTechID is an artificial intelligence-based solution that delivers optimal fraud detection performance to significantly improve passenger flow at border crossings.

FIDO is the only world-class certification for facial recognition and fraud detection performance and is based on the ISO/IEC 30107-3 standard (Biometric presentation attack detection - Part 3: testing and reporting).

DeTechID can now be integrated into all IN Groupe solutions that require secure identity verification and passage flows such as border systems used for border control or identity enrolment systems.


FIDO 2 certification in line with IN Groupe's high standards

New regulatory constraints and changes in access control and border crossing methods, particularly within the Schengen area, are forcing operators to upgrade their systems to solutions based on the ONE ID concept. As biometric recognition is at the heart of the concept and its applications, this certification is an undeniable asset of IN Groupe's SmartBorder offer.

The recommendations and standards proposed by international organisations such as IATA with the One ID concept, or ICAO/IATA with the creation and use of a DTC (Digital Travel Credential) create new opportunities to make border crossings more fluid through the use of new solutions and innovative technologies, without compromising on security. These initiatives call for the use of a temporary digital identity that includes biometric and biographic data of travellers, and links it to their travel information to automate their passage through various touch points in an airport or other modes of transport.

As a specialist in the design of physical and digital travel documents, dedicated systems for their verification, biometric passenger authentication and national entry and exit management, IN Groupe continually raises its standards in the design and development of its control solutions.

Through its continuous innovation process, the group provides the market with offers that meet the latest global regulatory requirements, both for its front-end solutions (interfacing with the passenger) and those deployed in the back-end (systems managed by the authorities), and contribute to the reduction of passage times and the maintenance of a high level of security.