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IN Groupe ranked in the French top 10 for Digital Trust by ACN

A handshake illustrates digital trust

The ACN Digital Trust 2021 Observatory places IN Groupe in the top 10 French players in the sector and positions the group as one of the world leaders in digital identity, identification and authentication.


IN Groupe, world leader in digital identity

The Digital Trust sector is fundamental to our society and economy in the process of digital transformation. This sector covers both digital security (digital identity, electronic trust systems and subsystems) and cybersecurity (products/software and services).

The Digital Trust Alliance (Alliance pour la Confiance Numérique – ACN) brings together the key players of this sector in France and presents data on the main characteristics and trends of the industry through the Digital Trust Observatory.

The latest study carried out in 2021on the fields of cybersecurity and digital security places IN Groupe in the top 10 French players in terms of turnover. IN Groupe is ranked as the 7th largest French player regarding turnover in France and 9th worldwide.

The report also ranks IN Groupe as one of the world leaders in digital identity, identification and authentication.


Digital Trust, the French industry with the strongest growth from 2015 to 2020

The study highlights that the Digital Trust sector is the industrial sector with the highest growth rate (8.1% per year) over the period 2015-2020. This dynamic reflects the major challenge that Digital Trust represents.

The Observatory also highlights the quality of French players who are at the top of the range in terms of skills and research and development: "the vast majority of French Digital Trust companies are positioned on the high-end segments of their markets, offering solutions at the cutting edge of what technology makes possible today."



"The objective of the Digital Trust Industry Observatory is both to define the scope of the industry and to assess its economic weight and characteristics.

DECISION Etudes & Conseil has been conducting this Observatory since 2017. The data presented in this report are taken from a DECISION database listing 757 companies out of the 2,134 that make up the Digital Trust sector. This database takes into account:

  • All the large groups in the sector (74/74);
  • All of the sector's medium-sized companies (58/58);
  • The majority of SMEs in the sector (541/647);
  • The most remarkable and innovative micro-enterprises and start-ups (84/1355).

Thus, although only 35% of the companies in the sector are included in the database, it is representative of 85% of the total turnover of the Digital Trust France sector.


About ACN:

The Digital Trust Alliance (ACN) represents companies (world leaders, SMEs and ETIs) in the digital trust sector and in particular those involved in cybersecurity, digital identity, secure communications, traceability/anti-counterfeiting and the Safe City. France has a highly efficient industrial network in this field and internationally recognised excellence thanks to world leaders, SMEs, ETIs and the various dynamic players in the sector.

There are nearly 2,100 companies in France with a turnover of 13.4 billion euros in this fast-growing sector (8.1% average annual growth since 2015).

The members of the Digital Trust Alliance (ACN), 75% of which are SMEs, account for 65% of the turnover of French digital trust companies worldwide (hardware manufacturers, software publishers, integrators, services, security assessment laboratories, research, etc.).

ACN is a member of the FIEEC (Fédération des Industries Électriques, Électroniques et de Communication) and actively participates in the work of the CSF (Comité Stratégique de Filière), the French security industry.

ACN is also a founding member of the association representing the European cybersecurity ecosystem: ECSO (European CyberSecurity Organisation).