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IN Groupe joins Agdatahub capital to actively contribute to the digital transformation of the agricultural industry

Agdatahub et IN Groupe _ salon de l’agriculture

Digital identity, a transformation lever for the agricultural world

It has been a long time now digital was deployed in agriculture as farms early adopted new technologies, automatic milking robots, connected tractors, traceability tools at the service of precision agriculture or even forecasting. However, the movement is heterogeneous and presents major differences depending on the region and the type of farm. The stakes being up to the challenges - whether energy, environmental, regulatory - the sector is not immune to increasing digitalization, bringing its share of opportunities as it presents risks for the activity in general.

New tools are now available to support this movement and bring about a real transformation of the agricultural ecosystem. In this, digital identity for the agricultural world is a tremendous lever for combining the controlled and consented development of uses related to data exchange and a means of building a solid and lasting system of trust to support its deployment.

It is in this context that in 2022, Agdatahub, Orange Business Services and IN Groupe developed and presented their jointly developed AgriTrust solution at the Agricultural Show in Paris. This decentralized digital identity system, based on a blockchain infrastructure and hosted on Orange's secure public cloud, was launched. The shared and sovereign technological platform thus allows farmers to obtain a digital agricultural identity for their farms in order to authenticate and secure data exchanges, with their consent and for their own uses.

Agdatahub is the first intermediary French platform for agricultural data with the ambition of interconnecting the 380,000 farms in the national territory with their 85,000 partners while respecting the consent of farmers to the use of their data.


Building on their common values on data protection, facilitating the daily lives of professionals in the agricultural sector and the desire to create a framework of trust for secure exchanges, IN Groupe recently entered the capital of Agdatahub to pursue this ambition of developing solutions contributing to data sovereignty and respectful of the practices of the profession.

This follows the recent funding round and the raising of 4.8 million euros by Agadatahub from historical or more recent partners to support its development, particularly at European level. The arrival of new players and the reinforced commitment of some, like IN Groupe as a technological partner in the development of the digital identity of the agricultural sector, attests to a shared desire to structure the circulation of agricultural data.

2023, a European ambition

New challenges are emerging with a strongly European dimension around dataspaces and the interoperability of services. As of September 2023, the evolution of European regulations on non-personal data will have a direct impact on farms, their suppliers or partners and the users of this data. It reflects the desire to create a single data market to promote its circulation between countries and organisations. As a reminder, Europe's ambition is to have sovereign digital solutions by giving citizens and businesses the means to act in the digital sphere and develop uses there while retaining control of their data. .

In this, IN Groupe is a major asset for Agdatahub not only because of its mastery of European regulatory issues, but also because it can rely on a major industrial player in the large-scale deployment of trusted solutions and services.

As such, the project will quickly integrate the question of associating and securing the identities and data of connected objects.

«For IN Groupe, as a technological expert of the State in charge of the protection of identities and personal data, the Agdatahub project responds in all respects to the French and European ambition to have sovereign solutions in terms of digital. Our challenge is to combine for players in the agricultural infratech sector new uses and the means to act in an ever more open and interconnected world, while allowing them to retain control of their identity and their data, which is the raison d'être of IN Groupe. » Declared David Concordel, Executive Vice-President of the Digital Services Division at the 2023 Agricultural Show in Paris.

About Agdatahub SAS

Agdatahub is the entrusted third party data intermediary dedicated to the agricultural sector with its Agritrust digital identity and API-Agro data exchange solutions. In support of these solutions, Agdatahub provides operational consulting missions related to data (project management, technologies, marketing) to support the agricultural sector in the use of digital technologies.

More information on: https://agdatahub.eu / Twitter (@agdatahub_FR) / LinkedIn

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