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IN Groupe joins IRU, the world road transport organisation

A truck and a car are driving on an fast road.

IN Groupe joins IRU, the world road transport organisation, to participate in the development of innovative solutions for all players in the sector, goods and passengers.


Making road transport safer and more fluid

IN Groupe becomes a member of IRU, the world road transport organisation, in order to share its experience and know-how with players in the transport and mobility sector. With the changes in the transport field, such as the digitalisation of the activity accelerated by the health crisis, IN Groupe proposes innovative solutions to facilitate and secure road transport for the economic actors of the sector and by allowing both the effective implementation of new regulations and their control by digital tools.

For more than 15 years, IN Groupe has been providing innovative biometric, digital and physical services and products for players in the transport and mobility sector, such as the tachograph card, the ADR certificate or the taxi driver professional card. The aim of supporting these players is to combat identity fraud and to offer services linked to this identity. IN Groupe thus delivers a digital identity specific to each road driver and makes it possible to facilitate exchanges and ensure real-time traceability.


Jacques Velot, IN Groupe’s Director of the Secure Rights Management Business line, talks about this integration:

Why did you join the IRU?

The IRU will allow us to interact with an internationally renowned platform, which brings together the key players in the road transport sector of today and tomorrow. This Union constitutes a real network of decision-makers and road stakeholders and makes it possible to exchange, share opinions and collaborate on new uses, regulations and technologies.

What will IN Groupe bring to the IRU?

As a major player in identity and trust solutions for trade worldwide, we will bring new expertise to IRU in order to support road transport in its digital transformation, one of the sector's new growth opportunities. Our objective is to bring more trust to digital exchanges related to road transport through digital identity and document dematerialisation. For instance, the innovative and interoperable solutions supported by IN Groupe enable the combination of the driver's identity, his transport documentation including the Waybill and the tractor's location in a single secure digital medium, which brings value to the entire ecosystem.