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Monaco to deploy its digital identity scheme and trust services

Extended Monaco

Monaco, 15 October 2020 - The Principality of Monaco announced that it has selected IN Groupe as the technological partner for the design and security of its digital identity mechanism. In light of the National Council’s vote on Act 1483 of 17 December 2019, the government, faithful to its values in terms of data protection and respect for privacy, wished to guarantee the requisite trust level.


As part of the digital transition program, Extended Monaco, the Government of Monaco has initiated various major projects (Sovereign Cloud, 5G, Digital School, e-Health, Security Token Offering, etc.). Through this partnership with IN Groupe, the Principality intends to create probative value in digital technology.

As a global specialist in secure digital identity and services, IN Groupe is a trusted strategic partner for any country wishing to enforce its sovereignty with regards to identity and to guarantee the fundamental right for all its citizens : “ the right to be themselves “.

Confident in the French Group’s ability to combine high technological expertise and bespoke support, the Principality of Monaco has chosen IN Groupe to define, develop, implement and deploy a global (physical and digital) and integrated identity system.

By creating Monaco’s new identity documents (electronic ID cards, residence permits, biometric passports), IN Groupe thus provides a high-performance and personalised solution, in accordance with Monaco’s legislation, and in line with government’s expectations and the physical and digital habits of the Principality’s citizens and residents.

Each Monaco native and resident will have a digital identity associated with their new identity document according to a provisional deployment schedule starting in the first half of 2021. This digital identity will enable highly secure yet simple authentication, without the need for additional supporting documents, giving fluid access to the various procedures the person wishes to initiate with the State’s services.


An ambitious program focused on the security of the population, their data, and their digital habits

Governed by Monaco law, this association between sovereign identity and digital identity will be at the heart of the digital relationship between the Administration and the citizenry. It will offer simple yet highly secure authentication, without the need for additional supporting documents, giving fluid access to the various procedures the person wishes to initiate with State’s services.

The highly secure technological solutions associated with a process ranging from physical enrolment to the issuance of physical and digital identity documents, will offer Monaco’s population the possibility of obtaining a digital identity as soon as they renew their national identity document.

Designed for both the physical and the digital world, Monaco’s digital identity scheme will offer a strong level of authentication with a qualified signature.


A digital identity respecting the highest international standards

In accordance with the general security standards of the Principality of Monaco and with European regulations (eIDAS - electronic identification and trust service), Monaco’s digital identity scheme anticipates digital interoperability with the various European electronic identification services.

The Principality of Monaco and its Sovereign Prince have made data protection and respect for privacy a priority. As such, in accordance with the GDPR, a person’s sovereign identity can only incorporate their digital identity with the the explicit consent of the person concerned.

Open technological standards have been chosen in order to facilitate the rapid integration of Monaco's digital identity scheme into existing and future services. Through the use of a standard protocol (OSIA and OIDC - open ID connect), the government intends to simplify the deployment and use of digital identity within its e-services.


Service available in 2021

The departments of Monaco City Hall and Public Security are preparing to issue the first cards equipped with a digital identity in the first half of 2021.

All new cards issued from this date will be able to activate the digital identity and all Monaco natives and residents will be able to request renewal of their identity document so that they can too benefit from all the new associated features.


Augmented relationship between Government and citizens

- Strong authentication for government and private sector e-services / A qualified signature

- Available on mobile devices (user-friendly and suite to today’s habits)

- Many e-services now developing or integrating the use of the digital identity:

  • Producing online sworn statements
  • Paperless signing of contracts
  • Obtaining birth certificates, etc., from the City Hall online
  • Acces to many e-services with a single sign-on one-stop-shop


The Principality is at a turning point in its history and is taking great strides in the digital domain, equipping itself with the relevant infrastructure by putting digital technology at the heart of its strategy and making Monaco a model nation in terms of technological progress.

Julien DEJANOVIC, Director of Digital Services for the Government of Monaco declared : ‘The level of confidence in our digital solutions is essential to ensure their proper deployment and optimal use by Monaco natives and residents.
Security is a pillar of our digital identity project, whether for the digital aspect or the physical medium used for the cards.
We need to guarantee the highest security standards possible in this area and this was one of the reasons why we have chosen IN Groupe for this project.’

Didier TRUTT, CEO of IN Groupe, stated : ‘We are honoured to support the Principality of Monaco in its sovereign mission by supporting its ambition for digital transition. In this context, identity security, whether physical or digital, remains, more than ever, paramount. Our teams work hand in hand with the Monaco government to make the daily lives of Monaco citizens simpler, more reliable, and smarter.’