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The new national electronic identity card

National electronic identity card

An innovative and secure document, designed for the daily lives of the French people and which facilitates travel in Europe.


An innovative and secure document to fight identity theft

France has undertaken a process to modernize the identity card, the current format of which dates from 1995. This initiative is in line with the application of the Regulation (EU) 2019/1157 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the strengthening of the security of identity cards issued to citizens of the Union and of residence permits issued to citizens of the European Union and members of their families exercising their right to free movement.

The new card is therefore more secure, more practical and innovative. This document allows its holder to prove his identity and serves as a travel document within the European Union.

Finally, this new card uses symbols of the French Republic, while affirming France's membership of the European Union.


A more practical document, designed for the daily lives of the French people

The new national electronic identity card was designed to meet the daily uses of citizens:

  • A new format, praised by users;
  • A robust document for use over 10 years without compromising the readability of the document: polycarbonate, laser personalization;
  • The possibility to specify two addresses on the back for children in shared custody with their parents;
  • A visible electronic seal: a device that takes the security data and accompanies it with a secure electronic signature. Reading the VDS will quickly ensure the authenticity of the document;
  • An inclusive document with in relief elements for the visually impaired people, allowing a distinction between two cards of the same format.



  • Secure transparent edges with optical control;
  • New generation holographic device, changing color and protecting the cardholder's photograph (DOVID);
  • An engraved chip.


Proven and robust securities:

  • Highly secure chip, which contains the information affixed to the card as well as the holder's photograph and two of his fingerprints;
  • Changing image (MLI Multiple Laser Image): this security makes it possible to verify that the holder's image has not been modified;
  • Secure background, with symbols visible under a magnifying glass and extending into the transparent edge, allowing the integrity of the document to be verified.


A French document recognized in Europe:

  • A modernized visual incorporating symbols of the Republic and the text of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen;
  • A title showing the French flag and the Marianne, as well as the European flag, in accordance with the new regulations in force in the European Union;
  • A document whose chip allows easier border crossing within the EU.