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The new French electronic identity card

France has undertaken a process to modernize its identity card, whose former format dated back to 1995. This was in line with the implementation of Regulation (EU) 2019/1157 of the European Parliament and of the Council on strengthening the security of Union citizens and of residence documents issued to Union citizens and their family members exercising their right of free movement.

The customer need 

Meeting a triple requirement:

  • Reinforce the security of the card
  • Comply with the new European regulations
  • Facilitate the use of the card for citizens

IN Groupes answer 

A new, more practical, innovative and secure card.

  • A card that meets the highest security requirements

The new ID card incorporates both innovations (new generation holographic device, changing colour and protecting the holder’s photograph) and proven and improved security features (secure transparent borders with optical effects, changing image in a complex shaped lens, engraved module containing a highly secure chip).

  • A collaborative project

The design of the new ID card required the participation of many departments inside the Ministry of the Interior (ANTS, DLPAJ, document fraud experts from IRCGN and DCPAF) and manufacturers, who all worked together for a successful deployment.

  • A design and an aestheticism bearing the symbols of the Republic

The symbols of the Republic are visible in many places on the card: in the secure printing, in the holographic device, on the engraved module, but also on the surface of the card, with tactile or optically variable effects.

  • A deployment that respected time constraints

The program was progressively deployed from March 2021 to allow the full implementation of the project in August of the same year.


  • Better protection of personal data

The security features built into the new ID card make it a bulwark against fraud and identity theft. 

  • An ID card that citizens love

Smaller, more convenient, able to accommodate two addresses for minors in joint custody, and inclusive thanks to tactile surface elements.

  • A card ready for digital identity

The card has all available interfaces: Machine Readable Zone, Visible Digital Seal, dual chip (contact and contactless).


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