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Design to PAY™

A customization toolbox to achieve outstanding differentiation and brand awareness

Payment cards users, are willing to express their uniqueness, thanks to original designs. The payment device has become the representation of their status, their financial solvability, their ecological commitment while enhancing their security. Therefore, issuers have to adapt to these new trends to attract consumers.

To answer these specific requests and in order to adjust to new expectations of the customers, SPS has developed a wide panel of customization choices, to achieve outstanding differentiation and brand awareness.

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Why choose PAY™

Customization services to create a unique card


Custom inductive coupling solutions for modules and cards body


Fully customizable with a wide range of options for DIF Payment Cards

Cost effective solution without any additional investment


Innovative and trusted technology

With decades of experience, our research & development teams have developed the most innovative, trusted and longstanding technologies to support issuers and cards makers who want to create special features on the module. This is being possible thanks to our Inductive Coupling technology.

Our Design to PAY™ solution enables module customizations, colored plating, integration of specific design and even improve the shape of the module.

Our customization offer covers a full set of options for DIF payments cards differentiation in compliance with all EMV chips & OS.

With Design to PAY™ you are making sure to be at the top of the wallet!