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A secure, comprehensive third-party archiving service

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As companies grow, they create more and more data that needs to be managed and stored securely and in an easily accessible way for a period of time defined by legislation. This data is of various natures, such as administrative, financial and sensitive company data, often in different formats such as text, images, etc. Data can also be stored in physical or electronic form.

IN Groupe offers public and private organizations a third-party archiving service that meets demanding regulatory and security requirements, and can be applied to all types of data, regardless of their format or type.

Digital archives

Electronic Archiving Service (SAE) and Physical Archiving Service (SAP)

NF 461 certified Electronic Archiving Service (ongoing)

Preserving the evidential value of data

SIAF Digital and physical accreditations

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3-in-1 archiving solution 

IN Groupe's archiving solution combines physical, electronic and hybrid archiving.

With our SIAF-approved offer and NF 461 certification (NFZ42-013 standard for electronic archiving), our solution ensures the availability, confidentiality, integrity and sustainability of your data throughout the legal and regulatory retention period.

Third party archiving

Key features

  • SIAF accredited physical and electronic archiving systems (SAE & SAP)
  • SAP physical and SAE electronic archiving services (SIAF accredited)
  • Logical and physical security for complex information systems
  • ISO 27001: Security of information systems
  • Time and space savings
  • Preserved evidential value of archived data
  • Support from professional archivists