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Organizations are actively seeking intelligent strategies to safeguard against cyber threats and achieve zero-trust security. Recent security-related regulations such as NIS2 and CRA have heightened the urgency on the topic. Amidst this pursuit, identity-first security approach emerges as an undisputable security strategy.

Issuing trusted identities in an organization is a vital part of the digitalization strategy. They can be used for access control to facilities, passwordless authentication to digital resources, digital signatures documents, and more.

Developed and managed in Europe, Smart ID is a comprehensive platform that enables organizations to issue and manage the lifecycle of PKI-based trusted identities for citizens, employees, workplace devices, and the IoT.


Discover how our future-compatible solution enables organizations to keep pace with the ever-evolving landscape of identity-based security

  • Simplify processes with automation and self-service
  • Ensure compliance with EU and global regulations
  • Multi-tenant, highly scalable CA platform
  • Flexible deployment options as-a-service, on-premise, or hybrid
  • Integrate with AD, HRMS, and other systems
  • Certified Matter Product Attestation Authority


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