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Protect workplace devices with trusted identities

Simplify and automate the full lifecycle management of your workplace device identities, by taking advantage of ready-to-use workflows, automation, and self-service functionality.

Manage trusted identities from external CAs in the same platform where you manage your own PKI


Device registration manually or in batches, connected to AD or ITSM

Automatic certificate enrolment and renewal

Monitor issued certificates, failed enrolments, deactivation, and revocation

Integration of publicly trusted certificate authorities (CA) from multiple vendors


Issue and manage PKI-based identities

With Nexus' identity platform, you can automate enterprise certificate provisioning for both domain endpoints, such as machines and servers, and non-domain endpoints, such as dev ops servers, mobile devices, and networking devices. It supports enterprise IT to manage and automate the entire lifecycle of their internal and external PKI-based certificates.

As opposed to proprietary solutions, Nexus embraces open standards such as SCEP, EST, and ACME to support edge devices.

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Workplace device identities as a service

  • We develop so you always have the most up-to-date software that is Common Criteria certified
  • We install and configure the solution and help ensure integrations are done correctly
  • We operate to guarantee that your installation is secure, available, and reliable over time
  • You use the administrative and end-user interface (self-service) for easy and smooth operation

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Guide: Steps to securing workplace devices

For most organizations, a new approach to security is needed instead of the conventional perimeter-based model. 

In this guide, we discuss how to enable digital identities for enterprise devices with a scalable and flexible solution while avoiding the pitfalls.

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Simplify Operations

A streamlined service providing trusted identities based on certificates for your workplace devices

Avoid downtime

Automated certificate lifecycle management mitigates the risk of machine or service unavailability due to an expired certificates

Quick deployement of scalable services

Short onboarding time through standard service