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IN COVID Pass, the solution to economy and border re-opening

IN Groupe solution covers the entire process: from securing the proof of test or vaccination with a high level of confidence and security, to issuing of National and International certificates and associated control tools.

Health pass on smartphone after scanning a QR code

The Covid-19 viral pandemic has caused, along with containment, an unprecedented restriction on freedom of movement, blocking a very large part of society and the national economy. To stop the pandemic and return to normal life, researchers and laboratories around the world are mobilizing to develop effective vaccines against Covid-19. In addition to barrier measures, tests and vaccination are helping to control the spread of the virus and reduce the mortality and morbidity associated with viral infection. The provision of proof of test or vaccination are becoming an essential element for the reopening of economies and borders for the resumption of transport.

In this context, the European Union has defined a simple and reliable technological solution to facilitate international travel, while in the same securing the proofs of vaccination and testing of EU Citizen. This program is called “Digital COVID Certificate” and will facilitate the safe free movement of citizens within the EU during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Given this background, all Governments are looking for the deployment in a fast-track mode of robust and proven solutions, in order to be ready for the summer holiday season and allow its economy to re-open as quickly as possible.


IN COVID Pass solution

It is in this spirit that IN Groupe has developed IN COVID Pass solution for the governments fully compliant with the GDPR to ensure the protection of personal data.

With this solution, the governments benefit from a way to allow economy and border re-opening. The solution allows the issuance of certificates that can be controlled by the police forces inside the country or at every border control points. It is also made available to the port / airport infrastructure operators or airlines for integration in their equipment to facilitate control and passenger flow.

The solution is also perfectly in line with European recommendations and allows the issuance and control of national certificates to the EU digital COVID certificate.

The solution has been defined for a modular approach allowing easy integration into any existing national eco system making it also easily replicable and off-the-shelve solution for another country.

IN Groupe solution covers the entire process: from securing the proof of test or vaccination with a high level of confidence and security, to issuing of National and International certificates and associated control tools.

As it has been developed in a modular approach, IN Groupe can also offer modules of the solution to integrate with State existing operational components of their national health or immigration system. This is notably the case in France, which has chosen the IN Groupe module for verifying certificates via the Tous Anti-Covid Verif application.


1) The National Certificate Generation System Module

A person wishing to be tested or vaccinated in a dedicated center or directly with their practitioner will normally receive a paper certificate proving the correct completion of the procedure and its results.

IN Groupe proposes a solution that coordinates with legacy systems and insert in those certificates a secure QR code embedding the person identity and the test or vaccination datas. This QR code ensures the authenticity, uniqueness and non-repudiation of the vaccination or test certificate at the time of an inspection and is linked to the person.

IN Groupe can propose various QR code technologies to secure the certificates of test or vaccination:

  • the same technology used by France (2D DOC) for an early reopening of the economy or borders
  • or directly the EU Digital COVID Certificate


2) International Health Pass generation Module

To travel, a person wishing to obtain a vaccination or secure test certificate recognized by EU foreign countries, or non EU countries can connect to a portal to make a request. The person is authenticated in a secure manner thanks to a double authentication factor associating the QR code of his certificate.

Following its certificate request, this module retrieves the vaccination data to process and sign them, under the new required format in order to guarantee their authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation. This information is then transmitted to a personalization server that will enable either:

  • The issuance of a secure physical certificate, which will be sent digitally or by mail to the applicant.
  • Issuing a dematerialized certificate that can be downloaded into an application (Digital Travel Credential or a third-party application).


The steps below describe the International Health Pass generation process from the user’s perspective:

  1. The user connects to the International Health Pass Web portal.
  2. The user selects the type of health pass according to the destination country (ICAO, WHO, etc.).
  3. The system invites the user to provide the QR code from the medical certificate document and the MRZ from an identity document if required
  4. The system checks the consistency between the QR data and the MRZ data
  5. The system generates an International Health Pass according to the selected format (ICAO, IATA, EU, etc.).
  6. The user can download his health pass from the site, or receive it by email


3) Certificate verification Module

IN Groupe Certificate verification is a service that enables to check the integrity of all health credentials and issue a preliminary health status. This service is available under different formats:

  • A mobile applications (Android/Apple) available to authorized persons (Police officers, Border Guards) allowing the access to all the information
  • A mobile applications (Android/Apple) available to the citizens allowing the access to limited information
  • An API allowing the integration into third party existing control system or application.

The IN Groupe Mobile App will enable to verify certificate from vaccination or test result. The API interface (Pass Verify Services) will enable to verify also the "Digital COVID Certificate" program and other international certificates (such as ICAO, for instance).

With the IN Groupe solution, as already deployed in France, transport players will be able to quickly and easily set up a solution that will adapt to their infrastructure constraints and their existing systems.

This solution, based on the highest levels of security requirements, will allow them to control and keep proof of test or vaccination for each of their travelers, allowing them to comply with the requirements and regulation of the countries they are serving.


4) The certificate convertor for Foreigners Module

As for the International Health Pass generation, IN Groupe proposes also a solution for Foreigners to get a EU Digital COVID Certificate based on their National certificate.

This solution will allow them to fully enjoy their trip in the country and contribute to the re-opening of the economy.