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IN Groupe unveils Seychelles' new biometric passport

Seychelles' new biometric passport

Renewal of a 20-year partnership

IN Groupe has been a privileged partner of the Seychelles government for over 20 years and has won the latest tender launched by the country for the production of its new biometric passports and their issuing system.

This contract also includes the supply of the national ICAO PKI and nPKD (Public Key Directory).

The ambition of the new passport was to offer to the citizen of Seychelles a seamless and secure travel experience with a document that meets the latest ICAO recommendations (document 9303; 8th edition).

In addition to its electronic functionalities, this biometric passport will enable Seychelles to negotiate visa exemption (currently 152 countries) with new countries and thus simplify the life of travellers.

This mission entrusted to IN Groupe covers the entire process of creating documents: from the supply of booklets to the enrolment stations, the personalisation of the document and the verification of the data.

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The latest generation of modern passports

This latest electronic passport is a combination of the newest security features introduced by IN Groupe.

Designed to last 10 years, it now incorporates a polycarbonate data page, combining a transparent window and a DID™ Shape holographic device.

All of these components combined with a renewed design of the travel document, significantly enhance the security level of the passport and make it one of the most advanced on the African continent.

Among the other improvements made to this passport, an electronic chip in the eCover contains not only the biographical data (surname, first name, date of birth) but also the biometric data (photograph, fingerprints) of the person.

Finally, it includes the digital signature, an important feature that ensures the link with the issuing authority.

These changes will apply to the three categories of passports issued in Seychelles: ordinary, official and diplomatic.


A locally managed project to ensure autonomy and speed of execution

IN Groupe's team supported the local authorities in setting up the data collection and processing system. They also helped to ensure a transfer of skills in order to make the client autonomous in the management of the personalisation of the passports.

In addition to this integration phase and to ensure local support that meets the quality requirements targeted by IN Groupe, the latter chose Victoria Computer Services (VCS) to respond to level 1 and 2 interventions that require a very short response time.


Increasing the level of border security while making life easier for travellers

Mr Errol Fonseka, Minister of Home Affairs, told the local press at the signing of the contract that the introduction of an electronic biometric passport in Seychelles should increase the level of border security by making fraud detection more efficient.

As the first step towards Automated Border Control (ABC) solutions, the new e-passport will speed up border crossings, thereby improving the traveller's experience.

The Seychelles passport is now ranked number one in Africa and 28th in the world in terms of ease of travel to other countries (source Henley Passport Index).

“The biometric passport solution, brought to us by the IN Groupe, will without a doubt, take the travel experience of our citizens to a new level, allowing for greater convenience and access to a range of services. Thanks to the incorporation of enhanced security features in the passport booklet, the threat of identity fraud will be kept in check while operational efficiency at border control points will receive an added boost through a faster authentication process. The realization of this project will certainly go down as the country’s first major technological accomplishment in the post-Covid 19 era” said Mr Alain A. Volcere, Principal Secretary Immigration & Civil Status of Seychelles.


IN Groupe, a trusted partner in Africa

This recent project of IN Groupe on the continent reinforces the relationship of trust with the African states and more particularly in East Africa with its projects in Kenya and Djibouti.

"This contract is the result of a strong collaboration between the Seychelles authorities and our teams: it is a new step in the establishment of IN Groupe in the Commonwealth zone which should help us to develop our presence in East Africa," emphasises Yann Haguet, IN Groupe's Identity BU Director.

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