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Most governments now issue electronic passports (aka ‘biometric passports’ if they store fingerprints), which are valuable objects with a level of technical complexity of which few are aware. Issuing authorities need passport booklets that are easy to check automatically and that are fully secured against attempted fraud, in keeping with ICAO recommendations.

Governments also seek robust but open technological options, guaranteeing them full independence and enabling them to limit indirect costs. Lastly, passports must be attractively designed, created to facilitate checks, and highlight the country, its culture, and its symbols while protecting its citizens' identities .

Our e-passport solution meets the expectations of the issuing authorities. From document fraud analysis to support during the launch phase, IN Groupe offers certified components and project support services to design secure, functional, and attractive travel documents, within the imposed deadlines and budgets. Our goal: to help you successfully modernise your sovereign documents.

Using our deep understanding of document fraud techniques, we constantly develop new security features to improve the security of all parts of the booklets, from the eCover to the polycarbonate datapage. Our brands SPS and SURYS offer the best electronic and optical components.

Covid Pass

Secure your travel documents

Make automatically passing through border controls easier

Promote new unique travel documents 

High-volume production in a highly secure environment 


Secure your travel documents

We work jointly with the best national and international experts (Border polices, Interpol, IATA, ICAO...). We define with them the solutions to face the evolution of identity and document fraud. We select and combine the visual and electronic features that will protect your citizens' data.

We offer solutions that best fit your needs, from simple compliance with the minimum set of recommendations by ICAO, to more advanced features. Our polycarbonate datapage embedds a flexible and secure hinge (Customised Hinge Image), a metallic watermark (Customised Antenna Image), and an asymmetric transparent window. The polycarbonate datapage is designed to provide the highest physical security and durability.


Make automatically passing through border controls easier 

Chip use, coupled with an Automatic Border Control system, reduces errors and increases the speed of passage. At IN Groupe, we enable our customers to benefit from our in-house radio frequency and facial and fingerprint biometrics expertise; we integrate high-performance electronic components so that your citizens' passports can be checked swiftly. 


Promote new unique travel documents 

Your travel documents help to convey your values and national identity, so they should be unique and a point of pride. Our creative teams adjust the secure design to suit your needs. 

High-volume production in a highly secure environment 

Thanks to our top-tier industrial facilities, IN Groupe has long demonstrated its ability to deliver millions of passports every year. IN Groupe's references for passport booklets include France, Uruguay, Peru, Gabon, Palestine, Ivory Coast, Benin, Djibouti, Bolivia, Senegal and Seychelles.

With biometric access control and in-house security teams, access to our production and personalization sites is highly secure and has obtained ISO 14298 certification (“Management of security printing processes”), at the “Central Bank” level.

With ISO 27001 certification, IN Groupe offers a very high level of data protection, enabling us, in compliance with the CNIL*, to personalize documents by encrypting citizens' biographical and biometric data.

*Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL - France’s National Commission on Informatics and Liberties).



We integrate the best security technologies and production takes place in an environment that has been certified by Intergraf

Border control

Our documents ensure fast, automated border control for your citizens


Our solution is open and based on non-restrictive components


Our graphic studio produces modern creations, in your image

Key features of a modern ePassport