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IN Groupe and Datakalab combine their expertise to improve the security of border crossings, based on edge computing technology

Border crossing through a gate

Leading European player operating in the general interest, IN Groupe is both a trusted partner and a moral guarantee to support citizen identity transformation and corporate asset.


Seamless, fast and secure border crossings, a central issue of concern for countries

Countries are constantly increasing their requirements border controls management, particularly through new regulations. Border crossing must be balanced between high security and a seamless and quick process. In Europe, for example, this development will result in the systematic control of people entering and leaving the Schengen area, whether they are Europeans or from third countries, with or without a visa.

Thus, it is important to anticipate and provide efficient long-term solutions involving physical and digital identities, while guaranteeing the conditions necessary to protect the sovereignty of countries and associated issues.


IN Groupe and Dakatalab, the way to improve border crossing efficiency

Making border crossings smoother means increasing the use of automated control equipment such as the Parafe systems that we are familiar with in Europe.

Trusted partner of countries in the exercising of their sovereignty, IN Groupe has joined forces with the French start-up Datakalab to develop a unique intelligent technological solution for automated border control. They plan to integrate their technologies into single-person access checking equipment, used to verify that only one person has actually entered an eGate with interlocking function to pass through a checkpoint. Until now, solutions relied on sensors that were no longer able to take into account these new levels of requirements. This collaboration will offer a more secure, simpler and flexible solution, whose technology is designed to meet a higher level of control.


Artificial Intelligence, a tool to streamline border crossings

IN Groupe and Datakalab have succeeded in developing a solution based on artificial intelligence. This innovation detects a breach of the single person access system, using edge computing technologies to analyze images to enable them to be processed by local neural networks. As a result, this real-time image analysis solution can determine the number of people in the eGate to ensure that only one person has entered it.

The results show much higher performance levels than traditional methods based on single passage detection.

In addition, thanks to a built-in iterative learning mechanism, the equipment is made to become even more efficient and smarter. This technology is not only compliant with current regulations (GDPR in particular) but will also adapt to future developments, while maintaining the same flexibility.

Yann Haguet, EVP for Identity at IN Groupe, commented “We are delighted with this partnership with Datakalab which marks a turning point in the development of intelligent border crossings. This solution has the advantage of being scalable and will allow us to deal flexibly with any new requirements or changes demanded by countries or operators. This is a significant breakthrough in the ability to accommodate future regulations.”

Xavier Fischer, CEO of Datakalab says “We are pleased that IN Groupe has chosen Datakalab for this first partnership, for its technological capabilities as well as for its shared values concerning the respect of privacy. This collaboration allows us to achieve higher levels of accuracy than traditional methods. This technology partnership is all the more positive given that the two companies share the same ambition: to develop image analysis products that respect privacy but do not involve the storage of images.”