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Guarantee integrity of digital documents with visible digital seal (VDS)

The Electronic Certificate of Identity (ECI) proves document authenticity (to prove its originality). If updates are made to the document, the updated document is marked as a duplicate, to clearly indicate that the original document has been modified.

It is possible to affix a verifiable code (QR code, for example) with certain variable elements to guarantee the integrity of the document such as a link (URL) to a validation portal allowing the verification of the authenticity of the document.

A VDS can be used in all scenarios where the integrity of digital documents is to be verified. An example is digital payslips that are sent to employees each month. By adding VDS to the statement, the employer can be sure that the original payslip contents such as remuneration, designation, etc. cannot be modified. This helps organizations avoid fraud and data manipulation. 

A VDS thus helps organizations guarantee the authenticity and integrity of their digital documents. It also helps with faster verification and administration of such documents.