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Connecting Service Providers with users, institutions, and businesses

IN Connect (based on the OpenID standard): flexible management of authentication methods

Relieving a sector's digital services of managing authentication methods is one of the challenges of digital development in many industries. To meet this challenge, IN Groupe has implemented solutions capable of providing an identity based on the OpenID standard.

Thus, the OpenID Connect authentication assertion sends government and professional identity information (in the identity token) back to the service provider requesting the authentication. The service provider can then manage access control.

For instance, in the field of healthcare, possessing a physical card – in this case the Healthcare Professional Card (CPS) – is no longer essential. With an e-CPS, the electronic version of the CPS, the relevant professionals authenticate themselves directly from their mobile or tablet (Android or IOS) to online services backed by the Pro Santé Connect identity provider. Pro Santé Connect performs the authentication instead of the digital health services.

Users simply enter a specified PIN code into their e-CPS mobile app to control access to the app in order to respond to authentication requests directed to Pro Santé Connect.