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Central system for travel control

IN Groupe's solution for travel control helps you improve border management to facilitate secure entry to and exit from your territory.

Securing access to your country or territory and controlling the flow of migration present various challenges. A central entry and exit control system that allows authorities at the borders to ensure:

  • Surveillance of all access points to your borders on a national scale
  • Detection of fraud and overstaying on your territory

Real-time data verification

IN Groupe's central solution for travel control interacts with all international data in real-time.

  • Third-party national systems (passport and identity document management systems) 
  • Immigration systems
  • Interpol and ICAO databases

One management system for all access points

  • Oversee all border crossing points: airports, railway stations, roads, ports
  • Allow agents at the various border control points to manually enter traveler information 
  • Access to statistical data on border crossings to and from your territory and can adapt your control strategies 

Real-time Information

A complete and instantaneous view of all movements recorded at your borders

Manage all Access Points

Manage and supervise your borders across land, air, and sea

Data Reports & Analysis

Consolidate migration information to build statistics from


Interact with various domestic and international systems and databases to give a complete view