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Make secure border crossing smoother

Traveler flows become more intense every year. According to IATA (International Air Transport Association), the number of air travelers will double by 2036, reaching 7.8 billion passengers.

To make access to your country more secure and smooth, we recommend replacing traditional stamps with self-adhesive visas that offer a higher level of security, are machine-readable, and comply with ICAO and/or Schengen Area recommendations. 


Issue visas with a consistently high quality

Highest level security against frauds and attacks

Avoid unnecessary expenses and only select security features that add real value to the document

Use proven technologies to get new visas into circulation fast


Leading provider of secure identity documents and credentials

Thanks to its experience in the field of secure identity documents, IN Groupe is trusted with the management of manufacturing visas for numerous countries.

We produce more than 20% of the millions of visas issued annually in the Schengen Area.


Security features for faster authentication

  • Complex backgrounds, rainbow printing, micro-lettering
  • Use of offset printing with inks that react to chemicals or scratching, or inks that are visible only under ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) light
  • Intaglio printing for tactile effects or latent images
  • Paper with embedded security fibers and a glue formulated to completely stick to it and tear the fibers out if the visa is removed
  • Holograms with different effects
  • Traceability with a unique and secure identification number. 
  • Customize security profile based on security, personalisation equipment, time, and financial imperatives

IN Groupe offers end-to-end support for secure visa management


  • Analysing document purpose and establishing functionalities
  • Identifying the most appropriate physical features
  • Creating a secure design and positioning holder data 


  • Sourcing materials and components or manufacturing them in-house 
  • High security printing 
  • Quality control and traceability at every stage and upon batch release


  • Enrolment system for traveler's biographic data
  • Personalisation by inkjet printing in the embassies or consulates, with machine readable zone (MRZ) 
  • Quality control 

Support Services

  • Program management
  • Provision of checking tools and training for new documents
  • New document referencing with international bodies