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Passenger Identity Management Platform

IN Groupe's Passenger Identity Management platform facilitate smooth management of passengers' travel-related data.

It incorporates the biographical, biometric, and travel data of people who pass through your airports, seaports, and railway and bus stations during their journey. All stakeholders at a transit hub can leverage the identities managed by the platform to correctly identify the passengers and provide them with appropriate services before, during, and after their journey.


Passenger recognition at every point of contact

Adapt processes based on your requirements

Complete system flexibility


Automation for improved passenger experience 

The Passenger Identity Management platform allows for automation which enhances the overall passengers' travel experience. 

For example, automation for repetitive identity checks reduces the number of times a traveler is stopped. It also creates a smoother traffic flow and makes passenger management easier and faster for the ground management staff. 


Offers system interoperability

The Passenger Identity Management platform is the main pillar of the One ID concept of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). 

The aim of the solution is to achieve system interoperability between airports, airlines, and governments, whilst maintaining a high level of security by relying on biometric recognition.


Identify passengers at each point of contact during their journey


Automate processes to improve efficiency

Enhanced user experience

Rely on our material and technological solutions – eGate, Kiosk, Totem, pre-screening, and boarding gates – to make passengers' journeys smoother with improved reliability

Data Privacy

Information used to create the Digital Travel Credential or token is destroyed at the end of the passenger's journey