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An inclusive biometric solution for an incomparable travel experience

According to the latest UNWTO World Tourism Barometer, 1.3 billion tourists will travel abroad in 2024. By 2030, global air passenger traffic is expected to be 34% higher than today. These figures justify the introduction of ever more innovative solutions for the traveler's journey.

The inclusive Fly'IN - Fast Track solution developed by IN Groupe meets the challenge of making the journey even smoother, simpler, and more intuitive while maximizing border security.

Fast Track, the solution that opens the door to smoother travel

The start of a journey often begins with long queues that cause stress for most travellers. To ensure a positive experience from the moment they arrive at the airport, a new self-service solution is now available to all travellers: Fly'IN - Fast Track. This innovative solution automatically verifies the passenger's identity using a unique QR code at the various check-in and boarding points. This guarantees smoother and, above all, faster passenger flow management.

An off-airport solution

Access control is not limited to airports. Ports, railway stations, and stadiums are all infrastructures where the Fly'IN - Fast Track solution can be deployed.

Solo traveler

How does Fly'IN - Fast Track work?

The traveller's process is simplified even before arriving at the airport by checking in on the dedicated mobile application. From home, travellers create their profile in a digital ID wallet by entering their identity data via their passport or any other official means of identification. Combined with the traditional data on their boarding pass, all the information now contained in their digital wallet allows them to move around the airport without constraints and without wasting time, using a simple, unique QR code.

If they wish, they can also authorise the recording of encrypted facial recognition data, enabling a 1-to-1 match to be made as they pass through a biometric checkpoint. This makes identity theft impossible.


CNIL: Full GDPR compliance for Fly'IN - Fast Track

Travelers remain the sole owners of their personal data, particularly the most sensitive, such as photos. This data is embedded in the QR code generated by the application. No access to an external database is necessary. They can revoke their consent at any time from their smartphone. This is known as wearable biometrics.

The system is fully compliant with CNIL type 1. Passengers' biometric data is stored directly on their smartphones. No copy is kept on any other medium by IN Groupe, the infrastructure concerned, or the technical service providers.

Digital Travel Credential (DTC)

A smoother, safer journey

Thanks to this new digital travel identity, the Digital Travel Credential (DTC), offered as a complement to the physical passport, travellers can enjoy smoother passage through all points of interaction equipped with the Fly'IN Fast Track solution: self-service kiosks, automatic baggage drop-off, PIF access gates, lounges, duty free, boarding gates, etc.

By simply presenting the QR code embedded in the dedicated mobile application on their smartphone, passengers benefit from faster access to sensitive areas of the airport. At access gates, they scan their QR code themselves or show it to an agent. It's quick and easy.

Fly'IN Fast Track is based on IDSeal technology, the solution for monitoring and protecting against identity theft.


FLYIN_Inclusive tech

An inclusive access control solution 

Inclusivity is the strong point of the solution developed by IN Groupe. It adapts to existing equipment, both technically and functionally. No investment is required to replace existing equipment.

Fly'IN Fast Track can be integrated into existing equipment architecture, adding a number of new innovations. It handles the authentication and identification of passengers and tracks them throughout their journey within the airport.