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Aid driver mobility with vehicle registration certificates

The vehicle registration certificate is a highly secure and personalized document that allows vehicles to move freely while facilitating identification. Since this certificate is mandatory in most countries for all vehicles, one of the biggest challenges is to be able to produce and issue them quickly.

IN Groupe addresses this challenge with its integrated solution to issue secure registration certificates within 24 hours. 


Secure registration certificates 

All vehicle registration certificates are printed at the IN Groupe production site in France, which follows strict security processes. To ensure that certificates are unforgeable, additional security features are available: 


11 million certificates produced each year in France 

IN Groupe offers a scalable service with quick turnaround time. The registration certificates are produced within 24 hours of ordering, drastically reducing wait times for drivers. In addition to an integrated certificate issuance process the service includes receipt of files, verification of applications, production of blank certificates, and personalization.