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Automate customer notifications with CCMS

CCMS (Component Content Management System) is a complementary service to the other services offered, as it allows the sending of emails and/or SMS (to notify customers of file transfers, for example). Hybrid management of paper and email.

There are two possible approaches:

  • Multi-channel: sending notifications with different platforms at the same time or in a very short time (spam method)
  • Cross-channel: notification sent on one channel and in case of a notification reminder there is the possibility to use another channel. This gives us a more precise follow-up for the reminder of information to the end customer.

Automate service for faster turn-around

Faster disbursement of information to the end-customer

Eliminate postage and printing costs with digital invoices

Key benefits


Saves time in sending notifications

Easy to use

With a single management platform

Real-time tracking

Check status instantaneously (traceability + retention for proof)


Save on postal charges and storage space for printer files