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Save time and modernize your procedures with ERL

100% dematerialized, IN Groupe offers an electronic registered letter (ERL) service that allows you to send a registered letter without going anywhere.

Our eIDAS-qualified registered letter has the same legal effects as a paper-based registered letter. Digitalize your administrative procedures and limit your ecological impact thanks to the electronic registered letter.


Security and traceability of exchanges

Reactivity and improvement of processing times

Cost reduction of more than 80%

Speed of dissemination

A comprehensive and regulatory-compliant service

  • Compliant with the European regulation of eIDAS no. 910/2014 /  Article 44
  • Compliant with decree 2018-347 on the ERL by the ANSSI
  • Return to postal channel in case of non-electronic delivery
  • Dedicated web portal for sending, tracking, receiving, and consulting for senders and recipients 
ERL IN Groupe

Control throughout the mailstream

  • Capture via web service, batch connector, or virtual printer
  • Strong authentication of parties (high or substantial)
  • Electronic signature of the mail by the sender and of the electronic acknowledgment of receipt (e-AR) by the recipient
  • Provision of the e-AR to the sender
  • Electronic archiving with evidential value
  • Loading into a portal for tracking and tracing mail and consulting archived documents

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