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Digitize sensitive documents securely

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Many private and public sector entities are called upon to manage sensitive data. They express the need to have a secured but also dynamic way of managing these data in order to optimise data processing.

These organisations are faced with a number of constraints, including respect for data confidentiality and their commitment to inclusion. Not to mention, in some cases, the massive volume of data collected.

They must also guarantee the probative value of their documents and be able to retain them over long periods of time whilst making them quickly accessible.

IN Groupe provides our clients with the following solutions to overcome these obstacles:

  • Receipt of forms, via a dedicated web portal, for example
  • Scanning of documents
  • Automatic data processing
  • Video coding of extracted data
  • Dynamic storage of data, with probative value
  • Availability of data provided on a secure platform

This conversion to a paperless system is based on enabling online channels and high-capacity digitisation. As for data extraction, this is done using recognition engines.