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French Departmental Fire and Rescue Services Card (SDIS) 

In order to provide optimum security for the French Departmental Fire and Rescue Services (SDIS) and its firefighters, IN Groupe has developed a dedicated solution.  

Incorporating the highest levels of security, this professional electronic card is based on the IN Groupe digital trust offer. It is made of polycarbonate with transparent edges and contains two chips: one contact and one contactless. 


A secure, multi-service professional identity card 

The SDIS card is based on IN Groupe technology that manages the lifecycle of the cards and ensures the security of physical and logical access. The identity cards feature a visible digital seal /2D-DOC secure QR code (technology recognized by the French Ministry of the Interior) and a card identification number for manual input. Both allow for authentication of the cardholder by using a dedicated web portal or mobile application.

SSID-Front v1-4-5-Hrz

The SDIS card enables active or in-training firefighters as well as administrative and technical personnel to: 

  • Prove their professional identity
  • Address vulnerability of premises
  • Ensure a rapid response
  • Help secure access to information systems
  • Secure confidential data 

Verified Identities of firefighters

Firefighters are authenticated as actual members of a fire and rescue service using Smart Verify

Secure access to contactless services

Secure access to tools and applications of the Public Safety Service and the Ministry of the Interior 

Trusted identity lifecycle management

Independent management by the SDIS on the available portal