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Government Employee Card - Identifying and authenticating holders

IN Groupe offers public services and various government-related organizations the option to equip their employees with an identification card or a strong authentication solution to provide them with optimal security. IN Groupe produces cards for the police (gendarmerie, national police), customs, magistrates and clerks.

Authentication cards equipped with contact chips: 

  • Shared and remote access 

The cardholder and the card manager have access to the files. 

  • Maximum security 

These solutions can record access to information systems as well as enable e-signatures. 



A few customer examples in France

Gendarmerie card

This card has two chips: one (contact) allows authentication and secure access to sensitive data, whilst the other (contactless) makes it possible to use a number of services such as building access control. 

National Police Card

Both a professional card and an access badge, it is equipped with two electronic chips (one of which is contactless) and a magnetic stripe. 

Customs Card

Throughout France,18,000 customs officers possess this secure, unalterable card, which guarantees its holder's identification. 

Magistrates and Clerks Card

It contains digital certificates that enable bearers to authenticate themselves to produce electronic legal documents. 

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Strong authentication

Visually secure

Great durability


Digital signatures

Workstation login