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Standardize digital invoicing and flow management

Companies are obliged to dematerialize their invoice flows (outgoing and incoming) 2024 onwards.

As such all the companies will require to standardize the exchange format (X invoice).

IN Groupe offers to transform PDF flows into standardized flows based on the Invoice X standard. Our solution is interconnected to the portal of the accountants jefacture.com. It allows the management of dematerialized invoices for 22,000 accounting firms; that is approximately 2.6 million SME clients of accounting firms.

The initiative of "jefacture.com" aims to digitize the flows of invoicing and payment of invoices of the firms and clients of the firms and to offer a platform that complies with the obligations of dematerialization of B2B invoices from 2023, 2024, and 2025.


Automate service for faster turn-around

Faster disbursement of information to the end-customer

Eliminate postage and printing costs with digital invoices

Meet government and regulatory requirements

Key benefits


Reduce processing time and time in sending the digital invoices

Easy to use

With a single management platform

Real-time tracking

Check status instantaneously to mitigate the risk of data theft or loss


Save on postal charges and storage space