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Producing & fortifying European Residence Permits (TSE) 

The European residence permit must satisfy very high technical requirements to prevent forgery. The technologies we integrate ensure this level of security. 

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Producing and personalizing the residence card in France

A Residence Permit card has more or less the same technical and secu​​rity specifications as the biometric passport. It can also allow the cardholder to access e-services via authentication and signature applications.

Only in France, we at IN Groupe, produce and personalize 800.000 Residence Permits annually. These cards integrates the latest security technologies.

Advantages with IN Groupe


We produce more than 800,000 Electronic European Residence Permits every year.

Compliance with European standards

The Electronic European Residence Permits we produce are standardized at the European level.


We integrate highly secure and independent technologies.


The Electronic European Residence Permit meets the same technical and security specifications as biometric passports.