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Protect citizen identities with secure National IDs

Although we are seeing a growing number of mobile and digital identity solutions rolled out around the world, it would be a mistake to think that physical identity documents are now obsolete. 

In fact, physical documents are still the cornerstone for a number of successful identity schemes, ensuring that citizens always have the means to protect or prove their identity while benefiting from rights and fulfilling responsibilities: driving, traveling, moving freely, working, securing a place to live, accessing healthcare, receiving support, voting, and more. 

We at IN Groupe are experts when it comes to designing and manufacturing identity cards for citizens. And in modern identity card schemes contact and/or contactless chip technology is embedded in the card to combine the physical identity with a trusted digital identity for the citizen.


Issue secure cards of consistently high quality

Proven security against frauds and attacks

Avoid unnecessary expenses and only select security features that add real value to the document 

Use tried and tested technologies to get new documents into circulation fast

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Domestic ID

For all non-electronic cards that require a high level of security, like ID cards, driving licenses, residence permits, etc., the Domestic ID solution offers security, in addition to the durability of polycarbonate plastic (PC). 

A Visible Digital Seal improves data security and enables derivation of a digital identity. 


  • Secure, functional design 
  • Durability 

Travel ID

The Travel ID’s next-generation electronic chip allows biometric data (photo/ fingerprints) to be stored in the document, meaning it can be used for travel in some economic regions such as European Union and ECOWAS.


  • Interoperability 
  • Secure data storage
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Multiapp ID 

The Multiapp ID solution combines identification and identity-related rights in one card, with apps loaded onto the chip for travel, voting, health services, and more. 

Identification, authentication, and signature functionalities mean holders can access online services and complete transactions securely. 


  • Access to online services
  • Wide range of physical features 

Key features


  • Analysing document purpose and establishing functionalities
  • Identifying the most appropriate physical and electronic features
  • Creating a secure design and positioning holder data 


  • Sourcing materials and components or manufacturing them in-house 
  • High security printing 
  • Manufacturing the card body and integrating electronics 
  • Electronic pre-personalisation optional 
  • Quality control and traceability at every stage and upon batch release


  • Personalisation centre set up by IN Groupe and operated by the government or IN Groupe 
  • Option of a back-personalisation centre on IN Groupe premises 
  • Secure file reception and checks 
  • Graphic and electronic personalisation 
  • Quality control and traceability at every stage and upon batch release 

Support Services

  • Programme management 
  • Buffer stock management 
  • Secure document destruction at end of life 
  • New document referencing with international bodies 
  • Provision of checking tools and training for new documents 
  • Communication tools for educating citizens 

Post-issuance management

  • Citizen data updates 
  • Electronic certificate updates 
  • Integration of additional features to document 

Security features for identity cards - Advanced Pack