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Protect information and privacy with digital PKI certificates

A comprehensive and scalable CA platform

Issue, manage, and automate PKI certificates (eIDs) for people, services, and devices to enable strong authentication, data confidentiality, integrity, and digital signatures.

Public key infrastructure (PKI) provides a comprehensive security mechanism that enables strong authentication, email encryption, digital signing, secure IoT applications, and secure vehicle-to-everything communication. PKI provides people, software, and devices with a digital identity, and provides the means for managing and validating these during their lifecycle.

Nexus Certificate Manager is an easy-to-scale, high-security platform for issuing, managing, and validating certificates for consumers, citizens, employees, communication services, software, and equipment. Compliance with standards assures that eIDs can be used across networks and applications from different vendors in a large-scale federated environment.


Flexible, scalable, and high-security certificate authority (CA) software platform

Wide and complete range of certificate enrollment protocols to manage identities for anything

Enable high-security processes with built-in CA policies and enforced the four-eye principle 

Compliance with standards and can be used as as-a-service, hybrid, or on-premises. 


Citizen eIDs

For Trust Service Providers (TSPs) having a powerful and compliant PKI platform is critical to enable its qualified electronic certificate services. There is a constant push for digital services from the citizens but governments need to ensure that the issued digital identities can be trusted. This applies even more with the ever changing and more challanging cyber threats. solutions need to be future-proof.

Nexus PKI platform enables identities for authetication, qualified certificates for eSignatures, and timestamping through a flexible, scalable, and high-security software. 

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Workforce & Workplace

Digital Transformation and Zero Trust concepts require trusted digital identities. Issuance and management of trusted identities, mitigate risks, ensure compliance to regulations, and restrict access based on business needs. Trusted identities for employees can be used to securely access facilities and digital resources, sign documents, encrypt e-mail, and more.

Simplifying and automating the full lifecycle management of your workplace device identities, by taking advantage of ready-to-use workflows, automation, and self-service functionality. Manage trusted identities from external CAs in the same platform where you manage your own PKI.

Workforce IdentitiesWorkplace Identities

Cyber security threats

Internet of Things

With billions of things connecting to the Internet, the challenge is how to address security, privacy, and safety, and where to get started. Most industries need a security technology that is easy to implement, seamless in use, economical, flexible for various use cases, and scalable for future scenarios.

To enable true end-to-end security and prevent cyber attacks against IoT applications, a public-key infrastructure (PKI) can be used to issue certificate-based identities. These trusted identities secure the IoT applications with strong authentication of devices, people, and servers, encrypted communication, and proven data integrity.

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Transport and Tachograph

With over 2 million tachograph cards successfully issued in over 10 countries including France, Italy Andorra, Malta, Monaco, Luxembourg, Latvia, and Hungary, we are actively committed to supporting EU countries on mobility and road safety initiatives.

With the electronic freight transport information (eFTI) regulation approved and coming into adoption in 2024, transport operators will need to share information with enforcement authorities in an electronic format. To ensure compatibility and seamless interoperability among information systems and applications it’s important to work with an experienced partner.

Our PKI platform is compliant with the latest standards and can easily manage the trust for your Tachograph cards

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